Rad Skater Apocalypse OST – Full album cover artwork video on YouTube

The full version of Rad Skater Apocalypse original video game soundtrack EP is uploaded to YouTube as a single cover artwork video. The YouTube version features all four songs in the EP, including the bonus track “I Miss My Amiga 500”. Enjoy the album below:

This EP is available on near 100 digital music providers. Just search “Analog Sheep” in your favorite music app, or click the ones below:

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20K Plays on SoundCloud Woaa!


It was only Valentine’s day when Analog Sheep reached 10K plays on SoundCloud. Meanwhile in just four months, another 10K plays hit SoundCloud.


Thanks to the interest of Turkish people to Ankara Misket Dance (Chiptune Electro Swing Version), and the viral teaser video on Facebook (full episode) by Turkish technology critic Teknoseyir featuring Boulevard of Electric Dreams, 7,500 of these plays are from April and May. Leaving out the viral jumps, it is also nice to see a steady growth in plays.

Here is the complete SoundCloud playlist:

The viral teaser video by TeknoSeyir presenting X mini II speakers with Boulevard of Electric Dreams is on this Facebook post:

The full episode of the X mini II speakers review in Turkish features Analog Sheep on 5:34, 9:25, 11:56.

I Miss My Amiga 500 (Amiga Day Free Release)


Analog Sheep celebrates May 31st, I. International Amiga Day with a free download of the Amiga tribute song “I Miss My Amiga 500”.

Free downloads are available on my SoundCloud and Bandcamp pages and open for the whole weekend until Monday June 2nd.

And here is its music video for YouTube users.

So, what is I. International Amiga Day?

Amiga Day is an idea put forward by a Facebook group called Amiga Day. Here is the manifesto of the International Amiga Day published in the group description.

Amiga Day (I. International Amiga Day)

We, Amiga users hereby declare the 31st of May as international day of the Amiga, the Home Computer that made us so much fun, that made us begin a career, that made us think differently about computers and games and made us a lot of friends with Amigas.

Amiga is Forever and We really want that to happen. Please share the idea with your Amigan friends to keep the Amiga flame forever!

How can you participate? It’s easy – On Amiga Day do any of the following Amigan activities:

– You must switch on at least 1 Amiga computer.
– You must run at least 1 Amiga game (emulator is accepted).
– You must „whiten” a yellowed Amiga.
– You must give your non-working Amiga to a technician, who can make a working machine out of the non-working ones. Lather on the reborn working Amiga must be donated.
– In case you are a technician you must make at least one Amiga working from non-working Amigas.
– If you have an Amiga T-Shirt, you must wear it.
– If none of the above you can make a photo of yourself with an Amiga and share it with your friends on any social networks.
– Or whatever Amiga related activity you like…

So, let’s make the first International Amiga Day on Jay Miner’s 82nd birthday a real celebration of the best ever home-computer – The Amiga!

Please Invite your fellow Amigans and SHARE the Amiga feeling to everybody!

See you on 31st of May of 2014, on the first Amiga Day!

Now go and enjoy your Amiga Day full of Amiga activities!

Analog Sheep Bounces Mini Speakers

Analog Sheep song Boulevard of Electric Dreams bounces mini speakers in a test fly video published by Turkish technology critic Tekno Seyir.

You can get the song in the video from:
iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, SoundCloud.

First Music Video is Out: “I Miss My Amiga 500”

Finally! The first music video by Analog Sheep, “I Miss My Amiga 500” is out.

Cover-art-still-image versions and music videos of all future songs will be added to the Analog Sheep YouTube channel. So be sure to subscribe on YouTube.

If you like the song you can get it from:

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The music video is produced by Guney Ozsan, the name behind Analog Sheep. 3D animations and valuable creative and technical support are supplied by Ugur Engin Deniz.

The general composition of the music video consists some of characteristic Amiga elements.
Leading roles:
• Amiga opening screen asking for a floppy

• Orange Amiga cursor

• Guru Meditation error screen

Suporting roles:
• AmigaDos screen

• Workbench screen

In addition to those, scrolling text is placed in order to embrace Amiga cracktro culture. Ugur Engin Deniz, a friend of mine that I shared some early drafts, who is also a video artist suggested to place some Amiga-like animations in order to reflect the feeling of Amiga demos. Then he provided all the 3D animations in the music video.

Most of the elements in the music video is highly coordinated with the music. So some flicker effects and 2D animations are handled frame by frame using a technique similar to stop-motion.

In this 1080p full HD music video, some clips used needed to be resized to 640×480 or 320×240 and resized back to 1920×1440. But video editors were destroying the authentic pixel look because of the bicubic approzimation and smoothing algorithms used for resizing the video. Because of this reason the required clips are exported as individual PNG frames and resized to 640×480 or 320×240 and back to 1920×1440 using Photoshop’s nearest neightbourhood algorithm (1 pixel equals 3 pixels). Then the resulting images are brought back together as video sequences again.

Of course this music video is on a very different style then a video that might have been produced in Amiga. My main intention was to make feel the taste of the Amiga times and share my enthusiasm both with the ones that catch and miss that era.

I hope you watch it with pleasure. Share it, like it if you do so:)

“I Miss My Amiga 500” was first released on 14 January 2013 as a bonus track in Analog Sheep’s original soundtrack album for the video game Rad Skater Apocalypse. Rad Skater Apocalypse is developed by Muzboz Games.

“I Miss My Amiga 500” Hit 1.000 Plays on SoundCloud

My tribute to Amiga era became my third song to hit 1.000 plays on SoundCloud.

I can call this song as the beginning of Analog Sheep project. I wanted to start my electronic music journey from my oldest inspiration which was my Amiga 500. I need to pay it back before doing anything else.

This song also helped me to create a special connection with Australian indie game developer Muzboz. At those days he was working on his first game Rad Skater Apocalypse Boom!, an arcade runner also inspired by his childhood memories of Amiga. I send him my Amiga tribute and after listening to it he asked me to make music for his game keeping Amiga in mind. I made three more tracks for Muzboz’s game. Later I published a soundtrack EP of the game and added I Miss My Amiga 500 as the bonus track. Here is the complete EP:

If you like you can get Rad Skater Apocalypse EP from this links:

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You can download the game from itunes using this link:
Rad Skater Apocalypse Boom! on iTunes

Music with Cover Art on YouTube Channel

All six songs published are placed on Analog Sheep YouTube Channel with cover art still images.

The first Analog Sheep music video is coming soon to the channel. Plus, all cover art stills and music videos of future songs will be added to the channel. So be sure to subscribe on YouTube.

Please feel free to share and like the ones you like:)

Rad Skater Apocalypse Original Soundtrack EP

My Heart is Beatplosive Single

Ankara Misket Dance (Chiptune Electro Swing Version) Single

Misket Dance (Misket Havasi) Hit 1.000 Plays on SoundCloud

“Ankara Misket Dance (Chiptune Electro Swing Version)” became my second song to hit 1.000 plays on SoundCloud. As expected Turkish audience have a nice contribution on the arrangement of this classic Turkish folk dance.

Let’s recall, Misket Dance (Misket Havasi) is an interesting folk dance from Ankara region of Turkey with a melody appearing only on off-beats. 3rd and 4th 16th’s are also used a lot to embellish melodies. Originally the dancers accompany the music with a special rhythm played with a couple of wooden spoons in each hand (Here, the same rhythm is played with small finger cymbals).

A few number of authentic songs of this style are very popular at Turkish wedding celebrations. 10-20 minutes of sets made of Ankara style dances are played at almost all wedding celebrations. In addition to that, still there is a great number of songs created using the same musical style, its own urban subculture is already emerged especially around Ankara the capital city of Turkey.

Originally the piece is made on request for a video game for children on iOS, “Misket ile Kismet, Bir Ankara Macerasi” (Misket and Kismet, an Ankara Adventure) by Zbam Games and Municipality of Ankara.

Get “Ankara Misket Dance” by Analog Sheep here:

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