• Subscribe to the email list (and share news)
Hear first and never miss a future release.

• Download music on Noisetrade, Bandcamp for an email.
Hear first and never miss a future release. Plus, get free music.

• Play and share songs on Spotify, Rhapsody…etc.
You listen music for free, artist gets $0,005 on average for each play.

• Like and comment on SoundCloud, YouTube…etc.
You listen music for free, artist gets more attention and better search rank.


• Buy music from Bandcamp
You get 320kbps mp3 or lossless, artist gets the best percentage (85%).

• Buy music from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, eMusic
You get only mp3’s (iTunes & Amazon 256kbps), artist gets less percentage (~63%).

• Go premium with Spotify, Rhapsody…etc.
You listen unlimited ad-free music for $10/month, artist gets 2-3 times better for each play
(max I saw was $0,018/play).

• Use Flattr
You choose a monthly budget, Flattr distributes evenly among your likes around the web.
(SoundCloud, YouTube…etc)

• Become a Patreon
Contribute to the world by supporting a new creation. Get in close contact with the artist.

• Leave a tip on Paypal
The same you do to a street musician. Even $1 helps, the world is really big enough.

• Subscribe to a monthly tip on Paypal
Same but more generous.

* This actually works both ways. You can use this as a guideline for artists as well.
* If you think this list is missing something please leave a comment.

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