20K Plays on SoundCloud Woaa!


It was only Valentine’s day when Analog Sheep reached 10K plays on SoundCloud. Meanwhile in just four months, another 10K plays hit SoundCloud.


Thanks to the interest of Turkish people to Ankara Misket Dance (Chiptune Electro Swing Version), and the viral teaser video on Facebook (full episode) by Turkish technology critic Teknoseyir featuring Boulevard of Electric Dreams, 7,500 of these plays are from April and May. Leaving out the viral jumps, it is also nice to see a steady growth in plays.

Here is the complete SoundCloud playlist:

The viral teaser video by TeknoSeyir presenting X mini II speakers with Boulevard of Electric Dreams is on this Facebook post:

The full episode of the X mini II speakers review in Turkish features Analog Sheep on 5:34, 9:25, 11:56.

Misket Dance (Misket Havasi) Hit 1.000 Plays on SoundCloud

“Ankara Misket Dance (Chiptune Electro Swing Version)” became my second song to hit 1.000 plays on SoundCloud. As expected Turkish audience have a nice contribution on the arrangement of this classic Turkish folk dance.

Let’s recall, Misket Dance (Misket Havasi) is an interesting folk dance from Ankara region of Turkey with a melody appearing only on off-beats. 3rd and 4th 16th’s are also used a lot to embellish melodies. Originally the dancers accompany the music with a special rhythm played with a couple of wooden spoons in each hand (Here, the same rhythm is played with small finger cymbals).

A few number of authentic songs of this style are very popular at Turkish wedding celebrations. 10-20 minutes of sets made of Ankara style dances are played at almost all wedding celebrations. In addition to that, still there is a great number of songs created using the same musical style, its own urban subculture is already emerged especially around Ankara the capital city of Turkey.

Originally the piece is made on request for a video game for children on iOS, “Misket ile Kismet, Bir Ankara Macerasi” (Misket and Kismet, an Ankara Adventure) by Zbam Games and Municipality of Ankara.

Get “Ankara Misket Dance” by Analog Sheep here:

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First Song to Hit 1.000 Plays on SoundCloud

Boulevard of Electric Dreams from my first EP Rad Skater Apocalypse Soundtrack became the first song to hit 1.000 hits on SoundCloud.

Boulevard of Electric Dreams is an Amiga and chiptune inspired dance track with pure analog sound, progressive structure based on synth riffs oriented from rock music and beautiful synth solos again based on progressive rock.

I composed the piece in 2012 for the game Rad Skater Apocalypse made by the independent game developer Muzboz from Australia. The game is an arcade runner in which a skater boy takes his synthesizer under his arm and tries to rescue the world from 8 bit zombies and aliens. The game is published on iPhone and iPad. Recently, the game became free for download and the free version is called “Rad Skater Apocalypse Boom!”.

You can download the game from itunes using this link:
Rad Skater Apocalypse Boom! on iTunes

Boulevard of Electric Dreams is one of the 3 tracks I made for Rad Skater Apocalypse. I published all the songs as an EP, including a bonus track “I Miss My Amiga 500”, a tribute to the Amiga era and another popular Analog Sheep track. Here is the complete EP:

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