20K Plays on SoundCloud Woaa!


It was only Valentine’s day when Analog Sheep reached 10K plays on SoundCloud. Meanwhile in just four months, another 10K plays hit SoundCloud.


Thanks to the interest of Turkish people to Ankara Misket Dance (Chiptune Electro Swing Version), and the viral teaser video on Facebook (full episode) by Turkish technology critic Teknoseyir featuring Boulevard of Electric Dreams, 7,500 of these plays are from April and May. Leaving out the viral jumps, it is also nice to see a steady growth in plays.

Here is the complete SoundCloud playlist:

The viral teaser video by TeknoSeyir presenting X mini II speakers with Boulevard of Electric Dreams is on this Facebook post:

The full episode of the X mini II speakers review in Turkish features Analog Sheep on 5:34, 9:25, 11:56.